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Pricing and Proposal Support
Developing a proposal can be time-consuming and labor-intensive. Let us do the heavy lifting.

Services Include:

Proposal Pricing – We specialize in ensuring pricing submissions are DCAA compliant and meet requirements from the government’s RFP. Additional support is also available should your proposal be audited by DCAA.

Labor Rate Development – We use market survey analysis to develop realistic labor rates in support of pricing as well as provide all back-up for compliance in the event of an audit by DCAA.

Subcontractor Cost Analysis – We provide templates to provide to your teammates and perform a price and cost analysis to ensure cost reasonableness.

Pricing Templates- Customization is our specialty. Let us create a custom template specific to your company's use to reduce errors and expedite pricing efforts internally.

Cost Volume Support- Have us write a compliant narrative that responds to the government’s RFP requirements in support of you and your interests.

Proposal Support- Includes scheduling and coordinating services to ensure milestones and delivery dates are hit in an efficient manner.

Proposal Compliance – We ensure that your proposal is 100% compliant throughout the process by providing:


  • Review Compliance Findings

  • Final Production Checklists

  • Master Compliance Matrix

  • Cross-Reference Matrices

  • Review Checklists

  • Proposal Outlines and Templates

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